Hazelnuts with Condoms Inside!

Your friends will be amazed when they break one open because every hazelnut has a real condom inside it! These nuts look as though they have not been altered and are proven to fool everyone. Get your Nuts today!


Assorted colors now available.

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How did you get that condom in there?
It’s a secret!
Will I get spam from using your form?

No way. We hate spam too! If  you have more questions, check out our policies page.

Are these condoms ok to use?
No they are hole-ly condoms! The Nutman’s nuts are for entertainment only and are not safe for sex.


Here is the story I tell.
When I was growing up, and my sisters were starting to date. My mother took them aside and told them that the best form of birth control was to put an aspirin,nickle, dime, or quarter between their knees and hold it there until they got off of their dates. But as you know, too many young girls let the aspirin fall and got pregnant,so modern technology came up with this hazelnut which replaces the aspirin. They hold it between their knees instead. If they were to go out and fool around they were supposed to break the nut.

Here is a story shared on our facebook page: “My Uncle was a hazelnut farmer and tried to make a hybrid hazelnut and rubber tree, here is one of the nuts from that tree..”

This is a fantasy wish nut! Close your eyes, make a wish and crack it open. You’ll get what you were wishing for most.

The condoms inside are HOLEY and are NOT TO BE USED FOR SEX!!! Have fun!!

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